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Hellebores - Bee-friendly winter wonders

Hellebores, Helleborus to give them their formal botanical name, but you may also know them as Christmas Rose. Don't be mistaken by the mention of 'Rose' though, this is a very easy going plant. It's actually part of the buttercup family, no relation of the Rose at all.

Growing conditions / colours / habit (containers/pots)

Not only is this a beginner friendly plant, the bees love it too! We regularly consider the wildlife value of summer flowering plants but when it comes to winter, we are often just thinking about how we can add a bit of colour and interest to the garden for our own enjoyment. Firstly, that's a perfectly good reason to include winter flowering plants into your borders, but, to make it even better, wildlife love them too - especially bees!

Nectar rich plants for bees in winter.

So, if you are looking to add more interest to your garden during these colder months, whether you are starting


Recommended Varieties

Helleborus var. 1

key details

Helleborus var. 2

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Helleborus var. 3

Key details

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