The design process...

The stages listed below outline our comprehensive design package, however the process is designed to be flexible because we know, no garden is the same! Whether you are looking for a complete garden re-design, have a border that needs re-planting or just want to discuss some fresh ideas, we can tailor a design service to suit you.


1| Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we will discuss your needs and wishes for the garden as well as assess any initial constraints and opportunities on site. From this we can begin to develop the brief.

2| Site Survey

On confirming the brief we need to obtain a site survey to work from. Depending on the site we will either carry out the survey ourselves or use a local surveyor. If you already have a survey, we can use that.

3| Concept Design

Informed by the brief, the concept design ensures the key criteria are met before detailing. Usually, we will provide 2 or 3 variations to discuss with mood boards on style and materials.

4| Masterplan and Detailing

Once the concept plan has been agreed on we can begin the detailing and material specification. These drawings are the same as those that will be used by the contractor to tender and build from.

5| Planting Plan

A planting plan will be formed using a selection of plants to suit the conditions on site. The planting plan will be accompanied by schedule to use when ordering. We are happy to help source the plants.

6| Tendering

The detail plans and any accompanying drawings or details needed will be prepared for tender. By arrangement, we can be on call during construction to help oversee that the project runs to plan.


Make an enquiry

​Don't know where to start? Get in touch!

The best way to start is with an initial, no-obligation, consultation.  

To set up a consultation send us an enquiry with a little bit of info about your project. Don't worry if you aren't sure what your looking for yet, just include what you can about the nature of the project and the location. 

If you would prefer to talk over the phone, please include a phone number with your enquiry and we will give you a ring back.


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